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Benefits of Press On Nails for Your Wedding

  • 3 min read

Benefits of Press On Nails for Your Wedding

With so many things to plan and minute details to organize in preparation for the big day, many brides are eager to find ways to minimize stress and make their lives just a little bit easier. Between the guestlist, wedding dress, flower arrangements, wedding hair and makeup and more, the wedding manicure can feel like just one more thing to add to your already growing to-do list. Luckily though, opting for Volt Pop press-on nails is an easy and simple way to nail your wedding manicure (sorry, couldn’t miss the pun opportunity!) without adding any extra stress or time commitments to your wedding day. We’ve rounded up all the benefits of wearing press-on nails for your wedding, check them out below!

Benefits of Volt Press On Nails for Your Wedding Day Manicure

1. Convenience

Since it takes only a few minutes to correctly apply your Volt Pop nails, you can do it the morning of your big day with no pressure! Application is both quick and easy so you can save time for the bigger preparation items on your list.

2. Options for Length of Wear

One of the great things about Volt Pop press-on nails is that they stay looking great for up to two weeks! Only looking to have your wedding nail manicure for the actual wedding day? No worries- it is also easy to remove your Volt Pop nails whenever you’re ready with a ten minute soak in warm water to loosen the nail glue and gently pop them off.

Volt Pop Nails Bridal Wedding Collection

3. Easy to Coordinate 

 With Volt Pop nails it is super simple to coordinate the brides and bridesmaids nails if you so choose! You can easily match the color, tone or design with bridesmaids dresses because with press on nails the color you see is exactly what you get- as opposed to attempting to match with a nail polish color inside the bottle. Even if you don’t opt to match the color scheme of the bridal party, there is always the go-to classic french manicure or a modern nude to keep everyone happy!

4. Fun Gift for Bridesmaids

Speaking of your bridesmaids, you can use your Volt Pop press on nails as part of a little swag bag for the women partaking in your special day! We are always partial to a gift bag of goodies for pampering- like personalized robes or slippers, face masks and hydrating facial sprays. Volt Pop press on nails fit seamlessly into this curated gift to use together to spend a little time prepping and pampering on the morning of the big day.

5. No Need to Hire Nail Techs

Volt Press on Nails are a great way to save some cash since you can totally do them yourself! We all know that the expenses involved with planning a wedding start to add up quickly and opting for press on nails is a perfect way to save a bit of money while keeping things classy.

6. No Worrying About Chipped Nails

We’d be remiss to not mention that press on nails are guaranteed to look good and chip-free on the day of your wedding. Even if you opt to apply your Volt Pop press on nails a few days prior to the wedding, you don’t need to lose any sleep over chipping a nail before the big day. And let’s be honest - you’ve got plenty of other things to worry about! Let your Volt Pop Press on nails give you one less thing to stress over knowing that your nails will look absolutely perfect on your wedding day.


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