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How to Choose the Perfect Nail Shape for Your Hands

  • 2 min read

How to Choose the Perfect Nail Shape for Your Hands

When it comes to press-on nails, it is common to take the time to think about what color, shade and design we want. And while that final pop of color does lend itself to distinguishing a great set of nails, there is one aspect that many of us fail to take into account: nail shape. Choosing a nail shape should really be the first step to picking out the perfect press-on nail set, since it creates the foundation for a pulled together look. The appropriate nail shape for your hands and fingers can be the difference between a truly flattering manicure and just an OK look. Different nail shapes can lengthen or slenderize the look of your fingers and hand, highlight the boldness of the nails and complement the final choice of color and design. Here we will go into the four types of nail shapes that we offer at Volt Pop Nails so you can choose the perfect style and nail shape for you!

Press-On Nail Shapes


Square shaped nails are categorized by their straight edged look and distinct square tips. It is a clean-cut, classic look that never goes out of style. They come in various lengths, are easy to work with and are a perfect style for a professional or office setting. Square shaped nails look best on those with long, slender fingers, narrow nail beds or thin hands.

Square press-on nail shape


Almond shaped nails have a rounded tip with slimmer sides that start wide at the base and gradually taper off towards the end. Less dramatic than the pointed stiletto (see below), almond shaped nails are a suitable option for almost any hand or finger shape, as the silhouette compliments just about everyone. The lengthened look of this shape pairs especially well with those who have short fingers or short palms, as it is a fantastic option for anyone looking to create an elongated, more slender appearance to their fingers or hands.

Almond press-on nail shape


The stiletto shape is an incredible silhouette with a very conspicuous pointed tip. Overall it is similar in shape to the almond design, with the most noticeable difference being that final eye-catching sharp pointed end. The stiletto is a long length nail design and creates a striking look for those with short fingers or anyone looking to sport some seriously long, statement nails.

Stiletto press-on nail shape


The coffin shaped nail is named after its signature outline: that of a coffin. It is a long, slender design with a square tip and measurable slimming of the silhouette as it reaches the tip. The coffin is a fashionable shape for any one after long lengths with a bold, adventurous shape to match. The coffin can balance out a wide or square-shaped hand and enhance the appearance of slender, long fingers.

Coffin press-on nail shape

When you’re ready to choose your next press-on nail color and design, definitely make sure to take the time to consider nail shape as well. The shape of your press-on nails can make a substantial difference in the look of your hands, fingers and the overall appearance of your manicure.

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