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Press-On Nail Clippers

Make breakage and bent press-ons a thing of the past! Designed for easy one hand use, these clippers will help you achieve that precise look without the hassle.

How to Use

  1. First decide on which shape you want your Volt Pop nails to be cut into.
  2. Then, insert your Volt Pop nail into the (curved) space at the top of the clippers.

    For a straight cut, hold clippers straight up and down and squeeze the handles firmly to cut.

    For a round cut, hold clippers at a 45 degree angle with the body of the clippers towards the palm of your hand, squeeze the handles firmly to cut.

  3. Repeat on all 10 nails.
  4. Lastly, use the nail file to smooth away any rough edges.
How to Apply Nails
  1. Choose the Volt Pop nail that best fits your natural nail.
  2. Gently push back cuticles with cuticle stick
  3. Wipe nail clean with the prep pad.
  4. File top of nail with nail file.
  5. Apply a drop of nail glue to your natural nail and back of your Volt Pop Nail. Place Volt Pop nail on natural nail and press down firmly for 10 seconds. Repeat with all nails.
You can apply your Volt Pop nails based on your desired wear time.
1 Day Wear: Apply the glue tabs onto the back of your Volt Pop nail, remove the protective film and press and hold firmly for 5 seconds.
1-4 Day Wear: Apply a thin strip of glue in the center of your natural nail from cuticle to tip and hold firmly for 10 seconds.
5-14 Day Wear: Apply a thin layer of glue over your entire natural nail. Also apply a small drop onto the back of your Volt Pop nail and hold firmly for 10 seconds.
How to Remove Nails

Soak nails in warm, soapy water for 10 minutes to loosen glue. Gently lift under the side of your Volt Pop nails with the cuticle stick until it pops off. Never force removal.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Casondra Y.

I love how simple it is to use and how I can easily transform any nail

Kristen S.
Perfect Nail cutters

Let’s be honest, before seeing this I wouldn’t have even thought to trim press on nails. Now that I’ve used this I won’t go back. It gives me an opportunity to use my sets multiple times. Once as a long set and later as a shorter set when wanting a more natural look. Great cutter!

Sylvia R.
Easy to use

So much easier using these clippers for my press ons. I've tried cutting press ons in the past with regular nail clippers and it just didn't work out. These work as promised!

Brittney R.
The Best!

Wow these clippers work so good! I tried trimming my press ons with regular nail clippers and they cracked them, but these clippers cut them down so smoothly.


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