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Champagne Toast

Cheers to having the best looking nails at the party! Medium / Long length press-on nails with subtle peach tones paired with holographic gem accent nails gives that perfect fairy tale feel.

Shape: Almond
Length: Medium / Long
Effect: Glossy / Gem

Included with nails:

  • 24 Press-On Nails
  • Cuticle Stick
  • Prep Pad
  • Nail File
  • 2g Toxic-Free Nail Glue
  • Nail Adhesive Tabs (24)
    How to Apply Nails
    1. Choose the Volt Pop nail that best fits your natural nail.
    2. Gently push back cuticles with cuticle stick
    3. Wipe nail clean with the prep pad.
    4. File top of nail with nail file.
    5. Apply a drop of nail glue to your natural nail and back of your Volt Pop Nail. Place Volt Pop nail on natural nail and press down firmly for 10 seconds. Repeat with all nails.
    You can apply your Volt Pop nails based on your desired wear time.
    1 Day Wear: Apply the glue tabs onto the back of your Volt Pop nail, remove the protective film and press and hold firmly for 5 seconds.
    1-4 Day Wear: Apply a thin strip of glue in the center of your natural nail from cuticle to tip and hold firmly for 10 seconds.
    5-14 Day Wear: Apply a thin layer of glue over your entire natural nail. Also apply a small drop onto the back of your Volt Pop nail and hold firmly for 10 seconds.
    How to Remove Nails

    Soak nails in warm, soapy water for 10 minutes to loosen glue. Gently lift under the side of your Volt Pop nails with the cuticle stick until it pops off. Never force removal.

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    Mona M.
    Nice quality

    Very happy with my nails. High quality and they fit great.

    We appreciate the feedback!


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