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How to Make Your Volt Pop Press-On Nails Last Longer

  • 3 min read

How to Make Your Volt Pop Press-On Nails Last Longer

A lack of access to nail salons over the past year or more has caused many of us to turn to press-on nails. Not trying to sacrifice a solid manicure- or worse- attempt to paint our own nails, press-on nails are a great way to still have amazing looking nails. Our Volt Pop Press-On Nails are not only more cost-effective than acrylics, they also don’t cause any unnecessary damage to your natural nails. If you haven’t used press on nails in years, you’ll be amazed at the leaps and bounds that press-ons have made in both quality and durability. Even so, there are a few tricks to make your Volt Pop Press-On Nails last for as long as possible! We’ve rounded up the best tips to save you the trial and error stage of a perfect press-on application to make sure you get the longest possible use out of your Volt Pop Nails.

1. Remove Nail Polish

This first step is a no-brainer but we couldn’t leave it out! Definitely make sure to first remove any nail polish from your nails before applying press-ons.

2. Start with Clean, Dry Nails

When you’ve got clean, nail polish-free nails, it's time to get set up for your application. You want to begin with a clean canvas, so the first thing to do is wash your hands, file the nails and cut them if necessary, and push back or trim the cuticles. Pushing back the cuticles is much easier when they are still soft, so after a shower or washing and soaking the hands in warm water is a good time to do so. Trimming or pushing back the cuticles is an important step because you can ensure that the press-on nail sticks only to your nail. Attaching the nail to your cuticle at any point can cause lifting of the press-on and increase the chances of it popping off. Skip the hand cream or oil as any excess moisture will have a negative effect on the press-on nail adhesive.

3. Match the Volt Pop Nail to Your Natural Nail

If you didn’t know before that it is OK to file your Volt Pop press-on nails, consider yourself educated! Matching your press-on nails to your natural nail is one of the most important steps in getting your nails to last as long as possible. Using a press-on that is too large for your natural nail will cause them to pop off easily. For the same reason we want to push back the cuticle, you want to file the nail to fit as perfectly as possible so that it sticks to your nail only.

4. File Nails

The last nail preparation step before glue and application of the nails is to roughen up your natural nails a bit. You can file or buff the surface of the nails or use alcohol to remove some of the nail’s natural oils. A coarse surface of the nails will create a better grip to help the nail glue adhere better.

5. Apply Nail Glue

The trick with nail glue is to apply a thin layer both to your natural nail as well as the back of your Volt Pop nail. Applying the glue to both surfaces eliminates some of the chances of popping the nail. 

6. Press and Hold

Here is where we are going to test your patience! To best apply the press-on nails, position the nail in the correct spot and then press and hold firmly for at least 30 seconds per nail. This will release any air bubbles and also allow the glue to spread across the surface of the nail for the best possible hold. If any excess glue is pushed out from underneath, quickly wipe it away with a towel. 

7. Keep Hands Dry

Finally, you must keep your hands and nails dry for at least 30 minutes to an hour post-application. Avoid washing your hands, washing dishes, etc in order for the glue to dry and bond fully. If you absolutely need to come into contact with water for some reason, put on a pair of rubber gloves. Our best advice is to apply your press-on nails right before bedtime, to minimize the need to get them wet.

Easy right? Our Volt Pop Press-On nails are not only super simple to apply but when done correctly they can last and look great for up to two weeks! Click here to shop.

Have more questions about our press-on nails? Click here to read our FAQ page.


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